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We are not looking to amend your lease in any way, we will only modernise the terms of your lease.We are able to complete this process in two months.Just like the wooden horse left behind at Troy by the ancient Greeks, it looks like a gift …but when you look inside, the details can be catastrophic. If you have owned your flat for two or more years, then you have a legal right to extend your lease by 90 years and reduce the ground rent to zero.This is an in-depth look at the real implications of accepting a non-statutory or informal lease extension from your freeholder.

Such freeholders buy the freehold of buildings to make as much money as they possibly can from each leasehold flat within it.

Here I use actual figures from a recent transaction in which I was involved as a way of clearly demonstrating the real implications of accepting an informal lease extension.

The details of the informal are also real, presented by a large – and in my opinion – immoral, London-based freeholder.

Dear Mr and Mrs Naïve We are happy to offer to extend your lease back up to 99 years for the inclusive price of £10,200 and our total legal and valuation fees will be an additional £1,000 pus VAT.

The ground rent will be £250 a year, doubling every 10 years.

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